Reservation-only; lunch and dinner are available as your choice of two chef-selected, full-course menus. The menu makes the most of fresh, seasonal ingredients, and thus changes monthly. Taste the turning of the seasons in these colorful dishes.


A 10% service charge will be added.
A wide variety of curated Shaoxing wines, wines, and Chinese teas are also available.
The photos are sample images.


Abalone, Fried rice,
Slow-cooked chicken broth

Cabbage shumai
(Steamed meatball dumpling)

Squid ink, Bamboo charcoal

Sweet and sour chilli fried shrimp,
Amazon cacao

Spanish mackerel, XO sauce,
Green onion, Cheung fun (Rice noodle roll),
Japanese pepper,
Zha cai (mustard plant pickled)

Shrimp with mayonnaise

Gyoza (Chinese dumpling)

Yellowtail, Daikon (Japanese radish)

Sea urchin, Scallop,
Kyoto red kintoki carrot, Cheek meat,
Cashew nut, Apple, Chinese rice wine,
Kombu kelp (Japanese seaweed)

Foie gras, Monaka(soft wafers), Figs

Baked sweet potate

Lamb rump, Black pepper sauce,
Milt, Burdock, Cacao

Chicken, Douchi
(Chinese fermented black beans),
Kumquat, Burdock

Chashao (Roast pork) pie

Double cooked pork

Pacific saury, Grilled eggplant,
Chicken, Myoga (Japanese ginger)

Shiitake mushroom, Turnip,
Mushroom, Japanese pepper,
Maitake mushroom

Pike conger, Jīn sha (Spycy powder),
Cheese, Foie gras

Shanghai crab, Turnip, Snow crab,
Oyster, Noodles, Lily bulb

Sweet and sour pork

Apricot tea, Macaron, Strawberry,
Almond jelly, Nougat grasse